PPC / SEO Experts – minimum 2 years exp. required – Relocate to Australia (from New York, United States)

PPC / SEO experts – This is your chance to relocate to Australia! You will enjoy the lifestyle like many others, whilst also building on your career in a fast growing Digital market.

We currently have jobs in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Sponsorship available for candidates with minimum 2 years industry experience.

PPC / Paid Media jobs include:

- PPC Paid Media Analyst / Executive
- PPC Paid Media AM / Manager / Consultant
- Senior PPC Paid Media AM / Manager / Consultant
- PPC Paid Media AD / Director

SEO jobs include:

- SEO Analyst / Executive
- SEO AM / Manager / Consultant
- Senior SEO AM / Manager / Consultant
- SEO AD / Director

In Australia, you will work with a leading digital / media agency, working on larger accounts with leading technology & along side an experienced team to develop your career further.

For more information on relocation & suitable job opportunities, please email your resume to [email protected] 

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